Advantages of Sulaway plant Flow scheme

Advantages of Sulaway plant Flow scheme

Advantages SULAWAY plant

  • Impregnated Molecular sieve (Sulabead®) instead of active carbons, which means lower maintenance and transportation costs
  • Production cost low due to the regeneration of Sulabead®
  • Low carbon foot print due to absence of extremely polluting active carbon
  • No water required nor wasted water to clean
    Drain water is used for production of Sulphuric acid (H2SO4)
  • At high H2S concentrations the acid production will be profitable
  • The complete process is liquid glycol cooled to obtain highest efficiency
  • The heat from the chiller can be used for district heating and is higher than the electrical power consumed due to condensation heat of the drainwater
  • Low power consumption
    Maintenance costs are low due to the long life to the adsorbent and compressor
  • Due to intensive water removal upstream – no aggressive liquid acids: H2CO3 and H2SO3 – and water-cooled oil cooler, there is a long oil change interval
  • The production costs are low due to absence of wastewater or coal
  • For maintenance shut down CO2 is used as a safety gas instead of Nitrogen for two reasons: CO2 is ample available and keeps smoke gas free from Nitrogen impurities


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