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What are some common questions Gazpack receives? Learn more and find out our responses.
For removal of H2S you are using environmental friendly Sulaway®. Guaranteed lifetime is two years which is significantly longer than carbon.
Sulabead® is a much better solution on multiple grounds, but most importantly because the waste product after the carbon is used has a great impact on the environment and is impossible to re-use, whereas Sulabead® is regenerative and therefore has a much longer lifespan.
If the heat can be used for district heating there is no energy loss.
  • Active carbon adsorption: For removal of H2S huge quantity of waste: 300kgs per day active carbon is produced at 100 ppmW load.
  • For an amine plant: 100kgs per day.
  • Sulaway® package: The only waste is transferred into a commercial product: acid water: 34 l/h (for battery feed).

(we refer to the package shown under chapter flow scheme).


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