Sulaway versus Amine plant Flow scheme

Sulaway versus Amine plant Flow scheme

Sweetening of sour gas

An amine plant is a cheap investment, but extremely expensive in production and maintenance.

Extra investment costs due to process equipment:

  • Two (2) heat exchangers
  • Two (2) pumps
  • Steam boiler
  • Reflux drum
  • Re-boiler

Production costs:

  • Basic material Amine
  • Consumption of steam and water
  • Sulaway decreases costs by transforming H2S in sulfuric acid (H2SO)

Maintenance costs daily for amine plant

  • Sulaway plant checkup each half year for gas compressor.
  • The cleaning process of biogas using a amine plant, is not an acceptable process on agricultural land due to the heavy sewer water pollution


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