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Mitigating Methane Slip: A Pathway towards a Greener Future

CH₄ slip is a significant contributor to greenhouse emissions. Europe’s Sustainable Development Goals strike many as distant, particularly on the environmental side. 

However, the new resolve toward mitigating slip – including close monitoring, equipment enhancement and greater use of biogas – are the most promising avenues toward SDG fulfillment.

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SMR White Paper

Steam methane reforming (SMR) is still not being implemented as our basic energy supply. Why? The main issue is that the gas explorer has to spend money, while only the company that transports the gas is saving a lot of money, due to the low molecular weight of the gas.

This white paper focuses on the growing importance of Steam Methane Reforming or Steam Reforming.

What you’ll learn:

  • Growing importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the oil & gas industry;
  • Transition of natural gas into hydrogen: A solution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the oil & gas industry;
  • Alternatives;
  • Transitioning natural gas into hydrogen vs. transitioning natural gas into electricity;
  • Conclusion/solution

Biogas calculator

Do you want to know how much clean energy you can produce with your substrate? The Biogas Calculator is a powerful tool designed to assist individuals and businesses in estimating the potential benefits of biogas production. This user-friendly online calculator provides valuable insights into the economic and environmental aspects of biogas projects.

By inputting relevant data such as the feedstock composition, digester capacity, and energy consumption, users can quickly obtain accurate calculations of key parameters. These include biogas production potential, methane yield, electricity and heat generation, and CO2 emissions reduction.

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Methane Slip Whitepaper